New Arrival

We provide a professional housekeeping service designed to fit seamlessly into your life.  

Brighters House Cleaning: New Arrival

Charlotte (name changed for confidentiality reasons) became a client of Brighters because, as a new mother, she wanted to be able to put all her energies into her baby.  The recent pregnancy and the burden of housework had left her feeling tired and exhausted so she began searching for a home cleaning service in Cambridgeshire

We made an appointment to meet Charlotte in her home to discuss how Brighters could help. Charlotte’s home was a 3-storey town house; with tiled ground floor and exposed wooden, waxed flooring on the first floor.  She explained that keeping these floors clean and polished had been a challenge before but now they were too much to manage.  Additionally, she had special cleaning products for the different floorings so it was important that the home cleaner understood which was to be used.

Charlotte explained her baby was put in the nursery to sleep in the afternoons and so would need someone who could clean in the mornings.  She also had cloths and eco-cleaning products that were only for use in the nursery.

We introduced a home cleaner to Charlotte and contacted her after the first clean to check that Charlotte was happy with the result.  Charlotte was delighted and continued to use Brighters for her house cleaning until her child started school.

Brighters House Cleaning  Comments

We were delighted to be able to provide support to Charlotte by taking over her domestic cleaning.  People often do not realise how much extra time and energy is needed at this happy time and to have a Brighters cleaner come in and take care of the housework can make all the difference.

Part of Brighters selection process is to look for house cleaners who are able to communicate clearly and understand instructions.  We were able to introduce Charlotte to a cleaner who had availability in the mornings and the separate cleaning instructions Charlotte gave to the cleaner for the floor surfaces and the nursery were followed without difficulty.

The cleaners Brighters introduce are carefully vetted to make sure you get the best professional clean for your home.

House Cleaning areas:

Brighters domestic cleaning services cover: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Royston, North Herts, Ely, Huntingdon, St Ives.  We offer house cleaning services in small villages in surrounding areas.