We provide a professional housekeeping service designed to fit seamlessly into your life

Why should I choose Brighters for my domestic cleaning?

We are a local, independent company based in Cambridge and not part of a national franchise.

One of the main reasons our clients choose us is because of the high standards we set for the house cleaners we introduce to clients.  Our recruitment process is extensive.  We do not rely upon references alone.

We are proud to be able to say our reputation is built upon the excellent standard of the housekeepers we introduce to our clients.

Do I have the opportunity to meet my house cleaner before they start?

We encourage clients to meet their cleaner before they start.  This is a good opportunity to use your own judgement to satisfy yourself that you will be happy with them and also to discuss your cleaning requirements in more detail with the house cleaner and to show where cleaning materials are kept.

Can I ask my cleaner to carry out other roles and tasks?

Yes, if you have enough agreed hours with Brighters.  You will need to check the housekeeper's suitabilty for yourself. Brighters fee will be payable regardless of role or tasks to be performed or undertaken by the cleaner.

What happens if my cleaner has time off?

During holidays and in the unlikely event that the cleaner is unable to attend for any other reason some of our clients wish to have a stand in cleaner.   If you would like a stand in housekeeper you would let us know.   Cover is subject to availability and we do ask for flexibility on days and times particularly where there is short notice. 

No refunds are given if the housekeeper has been absent and cover has not been requested.

If I decide not to use my cleaner occasionally do Brighters refund unused time?

The Brighters agency fee is for the right to use a housekeeper up to the number of hours per week agreed with Brighters.  Refunds are not made for unused time as we still have to maintain our services. 

How will the cleaner gain access to my home?

Access or key arrangements are made directly between yourself and the cleaner.  It would not make sense for us to do this on your behalf.  If a key is provided we suggest that you have an additional key for holiday cover.  We also recommend the use of a key deposit form. (Key deposit form link to ‘key deposit form.’)

Do Brighters collect keys?

Key collection/delivery is not a part of our service.   As an additional service, starting from £30 per one way journey, Brighters may collect and deliver keys, subject to staff availability.

What happens if I am not happy with my cleaner?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your housekeeper we would discuss the reasons with you and if the matter could not be resolved, for example in the case of incompatible days or times, we will introduce you to a replacement cleaner.