We provide a professional housekeeping service designed to fit seamlessly into your life.  

Busy Professional

Tim (names changed for confidentiality reasons) contacted Brighters through a recommendation from a work colleague. We made an appointment to meet at his home so we could discuss what he and his wife were looking for from a domestic cleaning service.

Tim and Sarah explained that after the housework and ironing had been done there was little time left for relaxing together or going out.    Additionally, they occasionally worked from home so the need for confidentiality was essential.  This was not unusual as many of Brighters clients work from home offices and Brighters cleaners are fully aware of the importance of confidentiality.

Tim signed up for a regular, weekly, two hour clean and a few days later they had an introductory meeting with their assigned housekeeper.  They were both happy with the housekeeper and a cleaning date was arranged. 

Nine years later, with a family and a move to a new home in a small South Cambridgeshire village, Tim and his wife are still with Brighters and through them we have received many recommendations.

Brighters comments

Lengthy working hours and a lack of leisure time is one of the most common reasons given for contacting Brighters.  Through Brighters Tim and his wife were able to get a good balance between their home and work life.

With the pressures of work it is all too easy to try and muddle on but at Brighters we hear over and again from our clients how, through just having a few hours clean a week, Brighters gives back a quality of life by allowing time for leisure and recuperation.

The cleaners Brighters introduce are carefully vetted to make sure you get the best professional clean for your home. 

Brighters domestic cleaning services cover: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Royston, North Herts, Ely, Huntingdon, St Ives.  We offer house cleaning services in small villages in surrounding areas.