Working safely during coronavirus

Following the government guidelines* we recommend the following practical steps:

Before starting

Ensure that no one in the household has coronavirus symptoms or has been told they are at high risk.

Maintaining social distancing

Cleaners and clients should contact one another before each visit to ensure that social distancing is possible and to check no one has any symptoms.

Where possible clients could arrange to be in another room while the housekeeper is working, or arranging for the housekeeper to come while you are out.


On arrival the housekeeper can wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer and repeat throughout as needed. 

Where practical the housekeeper should wear protective gloves.

Ensure that disinfectant and suitable cleaning products are available to clean cleaning equipment before and after use and that any washable dusters or cloths are washed at high temperature.


Open windows and keep doors open between rooms.


*More information is available on the government website under ‘Working safely during coronavirus’, ‘Other people’s homes.’

We would recommend that you check the government website, on a regular basis, for any changes in guidance.